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Gregory Fuchs

Greg Fuchs studies physics at the single-atom scale, experimenting with control over their individual quantum states. While the work is based in fundamental physics, the findings have real-world applications. More

Jan Lammerding

Jan Lammerding is busy redefining how we think of living cells. While traditional biology focuses on biochemical reactions as the main forces controlling cellular behavior, Lammerding looks at its mechanics. More

Tanzeem Choudhury

Tanzeem Choudhury likes to study humans. Throughout her career, she has used technology to study people’s behavior, psychology, and health—creating innovations that promise to enhance our daily lives. More

BOOM 2013 - Bits On Our Minds

BOOM is an annual showcase of student research and creativity in digital technology and applications. It's an opportunity for Cornell undergraduate and Master's -- level students to show their best work in cutting -- edge technologies, and past displays have included iPhone applications, video games, and robotics. More

VIDEO: 'Sit With Me'

Cornell University, in partnership with Bloomberg, invites you to have a seat in the red chair. More

Deborah Estrin

Professor of computer science and professor of public health in the Weill Cornell Medical College. More

Bring it Forward

Speak out against bias & report it. More

Bonassar and bio-printer on BBC

The Bonassar lab is featured in part one of "Technobody" on BBC World News Horizons. More

Next-Gen entrepreneurs

CornellNYC Tech: Dean Lance Collins discusses Cornell's partnership with Technion-Israel Institute of Technology. More

Solar Cooker Team in Nicaragua

Team members worked with the Solar Women of Totogalpa. More