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2017 Summer English Immersion Program for Incoming Master of Engineering Students

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Incoming international masters professional students in Masters of Engineering (M.Eng) programs are invited to register for a four-week summer English immersion program, from July 14 to August 11. Applications are due by April 21.

This program is designed to focus on the oral communication skills and aspects of US culture that professional masters students need for success in academic and professional settings.  M.Eng programs are fast-paced, and require students to very quickly engage with speaking-intensive courses, networking, and other social situations. For those seeking a job or internship in the US, the search process starts early in the semester, and requires high fluency in English.

This program creates an intensive English environment, teaches students strategies for improving pronunciation, presentation, and discussion skills, and assists students in transitioning to life at Cornell and in the US.

By the end of this program, students feel more confident as English speakers, more comfortable on Cornell’s campus and Ithaca, and more prepared to start their degree program and begin the search for a job or internship.

Explore this website to learn more about this program. Questions may be directed to Michelle Cox, Director of the English Language Support Office,