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Role of a Peer Tutor

Tutors are available to help students with course content and are not substitutes for missed lectures.  Tutors may not do coursework for students or complete or correct students' work. Tutors may provide feedback to help learners develop and organize their thoughts and/or increase their understanding of concepts, but their focus is always on students' learning.

Tutors are expected to honor the appointments they make and to show up for them promptly--tutees should have your full and courteous attention. The tutor session is not the time for meals, visits with friends, or personal phone calls. If you need to cancel a tutor session, it is your responsibility to reschedule the session as promptly as possible. If you know that you'll be out of town or unavailable for a week or so, you must let the tutoring program and your regular tutees know in advance.

Requests and Scheduling

Engineering students will request a tutor through our online tutor appointment system. If a student selects you as a tutor, you will receive an email with the student’s contact information, areas that they are seeking assistance, and their preferred meeting location. 

Textbooks in B46 Olin Hall

As a peer tutor, you have access to the B46 resource room, which is a shared space for tutors and Academic Excellence Workshop facilitators. In this room, course textbooks are available for your reference, but they must remain in the room.

Tutor Locations

Tutor sessions should be held on campus and in a safe, comfortable, and public location. Some examples of good locations include:

  • Computer lab (if a computer is needed)
  • Any available classroom not in use
  • Duffield Lounge
  • ECE Lounge, 117 Upson Hall
  • Gates Lobby
  • 328 Upson Hall
  • Baker Atrium in Physical Sciences Building (near Goldie's)
  • Group study area in Uris Library
  • RPCC
  • Most cafes during non-meal times (Green Dragon in Sibley, Synopsis in Weill, etc.)

Examples of locations to avoid include:

  • Dorm room or apartment
  • Busy dining hall
  • Off campus
  • Libraries

Recording Time

Within 48 hours of your tutoring session, you must complete a tutored session form and enter your hours in Kronos. Your hours are compared in Kronos with the form for accuracy. This is very important as we report statistics to justify funding for the Peer Tutor Program.

Group Tutoring

Should you have several students expressing difficulty with the same or similar concepts, you may want to consider scheduling a group tutor session. You will be paid for the time just as you would on a one-on-one basis. In other words, if there are two or five students in a group, you will be paid the same as one-on-one tutoring.

Personal & Student Safety

If you find that a tutoring relationship is becoming uncomfortable, come talk to us in 167 Olin Hall between 8:30-4:30 pm. Cornell is committed to protecting both you and your tutees from sexual harassment, and any concerns about inappropriate behavior in a tutoring session will be addressed.

You have the right to remove yourself immediately from any situation in which you feel unsafe, either physically or emotionally. If something that happens in a tutoring session makes you feel uncomfortable or threatened, leave immediately. Report the incident to ELI as soon as you can by contacting the Associate Director, Anne Poduska,, the Administrative Coordinator, Alice Rockey,, or by calling (607) 255-9622. Any incidences of violence, threats of violence, or sexual harassment will be addressed.

If you find yourself in any campus situation involving the immediate threat or use of violence, call 911.