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Independent Major

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The Independent Major is a special opportunity for students whose educational objectives cannot be met by any of the regular Majors. This option allows students to create a specially tailored, inter-disciplinary course of study. The program is developed by the student in consultation with faculty advisors and must be approved by the Independent Major Committee, which is responsible for supervising the student’s work.

Every curriculum developed under the Independent Major, with the exception of certain faculty-sponsored programs, must include a primary engineering area and an educationally related secondary area. The primary area may be in any subject area offered by the schools or departments of the college; the secondary area may be in a logically connected area taught anywhere in the university. Total credits for courses must be at least 48, of which 32 must be in the primary area. The overall program must clearly constitute an engineering education in scope and in substance, and all requirements of the Common Curriculum must be met.

Students who wish to enter the Independent Major must apply by the end of the first semester of the sophomore year and must be in good academic standing. They should seek assistance in developing a coherent program from professors in the proposed primary and secondary subject areas. If approved, the program becomes a curricular contract to which the student must adhere. For more information on the independent major, contact Engineering Advising, 167 Olin Hall.

Note: Because no single standardized curriculum exists, the Independent Major is not accredited. Independent Major students who intend to seek legal licensing as a Professional Engineer should be aware that this non-accredited degree program will require additional education, work, and/or experience to qualify for eligibility to take the Fundamentals of Engineering examination.