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Academic Excellence Workshops

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What are Academic Excellence Workshops (AEWs)? 

Academic Excellence Workshops are optional 1-credit supplemental courses taken in conjunction with core engineering courses in math, computer science, chemistry, and statistics. AEWs meet weekly for two-hour collaborative problem-solving sessions. Designed to enhance student understanding, the workshops are facilitated by undergraduate peer educators, and feature group work on problems at or above the level of course instruction. AEWs are based on research showing that cooperative methods (as opposed to an individual, competitive approach to learning) promote higher grades, greater persistence, deeper comprehension, more enjoyment in learning, and more positive attitudes toward academic work.

The Academic Excellence Workshop Program is sponsored by:  

Academic Excellence Workshops are in place for the following classes:  

  • Math 1910 (Fall only), 1920, 2930, 2940
  • Chem 2090
  • CS 1110, CS 1112, CS 2110
  • ENGRD 2700

The workshops function as one-credit courses and are graded "S/U" based on attendance. Those who miss more than three workshops (including sessions missed because of late enrollment) will automatically receive a "U" grade.  

Also, while no physics AEWs are offered, supplementary courses for Physics 1120 and 2130 are provided through the Physics Tutoring Center.  

How to Register 

Students must be enrolled in an AEW workshop in order to attend. Enrollment for AEWs runs on the same schedule and process as enrollment for classes in general; students may access the online add/drop instructions through Student Center. AEWs are "general interest" courses and have the ENGRG prefix.

Wait List 

If there are no spots available in AEW sections at a time that fits in your schedule, please add your name to the wait list--there is a link for each course in Student Center. Being on this waiting list allows us to notify you of an available seat, but does not guarantee you will obtain that seat. Only you can enroll in a course section. The waiting list also documents student demand for additional section times. If there is substantial demand, new sections may be created.  

How to make the Most of Academic Excellence Workshops:  

  • Arrive on time.
  • Introduce yourself to the facilitator.
  • Make certain your attendance is recorded.
  • Participate actively in your group(s).
  • Plan to stay until the end of the workshop.
  • If you must miss a workshop, tell the facilitator in advance.  


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