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Meet Our Facilitators

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Meet our facilitators! As AEW facilitators, our mission is to help students develop a better understanding of their courses while fostering fundamental teamwork and communication skills. Below are quotes from former students about their AEW experiences and a little bit of information about who we are as facilitators. 

Meet our AEW Facilitators

Student Experiences

"I think the worksheets are the most helpful portion of the AEW. These questions always help to reveal topics that I am not sharp on, and the facilitators are very helpful in answering any questions that I have."

"Every student gets plenty of individual help and attention."

"I learn a lot of new concepts and gain exposure to material that isn't covered well in lecture."

"The amount I'm learning from it is noticeable. Also, it is kinda fun."

"I find that when I attend my workshop, it becomes easier to do the homework and I have a much better grasp of the material. I often find lecture to be quite confusing and the workshop really makes everything clear to me."