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Minor: Business for Engineering Students

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Offered by: College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Contact: AEM Undergraduate Program, 146 Warren Hall


All Engineering undergraduates, except those majoring in Operations Research and Engineering, are eligible to declare their intent beginning the first semester of their second year. It is strongly recommended that interested students submit a Declaration of Intent to Complete the Minor in Business form as early as possible. Students planning to major in Chemical Engineering should meet with a member of the Engineering Advising staff during their first or second year to discuss requirements and possible courses of study to complete the minor. A Declaration of Intent form is available to students on the Engineering college web site, and in 167 Olin Hall and 135 Warren Hall. A deadline for declarations of intent that falls before pre-enrollment will be established each semester.

Educational Objectives

This minor provides a focus for Engineering students interested in business.


At least a C- must be attained in each course in the minor. Courses may also be taken S/U (note that an “S” is awarded for grades of C- or better). Students accepted to the minor Spring 2012 and beyond must complete at least two AEM courses toward the requirements to complete the minor.

Category 1. Introductory Microeconomics

  • ECON 1110: Introductory Microeconomics or equivalent (including AP credit as equivalent)

Category 2: Introductory Statistics or equivalent (One of the following):

  • AEM 2100: Introductory Statistics
  • ILRST 2100: Introductory Statistics
  • PAM 2100: Introduction to Statistics
  • ENGRD 2700: Basic Engineering Probability and Statistics1
  • CEE 3040: Uncertainty Analysis in Engineering or equivalent
  • MATH 1710: Statistical Theory and Application in the Real World

Category 3: Financial Accounting (One of the following):

  • AEM 2210: Financial Accounting
  • ORIE 3150: Financial and Managerial Accounting2

Category 4: Introduction to Business Management (One of the following:)

  • AEM 1200: Introduction to Business Management
  • ENGRI 1270: Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Engineering
  • ORIE 4152: Entrepreneurship for Engineers

Category 5: Marketing

  • AEM 2400: Marketing

Category 6: Finance (One of the following):

  • AEM 3240: Finance
  • AEM 2240: Principles of Finance
  • HADM 2250: Finance

Academic Standards

At least C– in all courses counting toward the minor. Courses may be taken S/U.


Students entering the minor Spring 2012 and beyond must complete at least two AEM courses toward the requirements to complete the minor. The College of Engineering does not award AP credit for statistics, but AP statistics credit is awarded if it is used to fulfill AEM’s requirement for the Business minor.

  1. ECE 3100, which is allowed as a substitute for ENGRD 2700 in some Majors in Engineering, is not allowed as a substitute in the minor in Business for Engineering Students.
  2. This course will not satisfy the two-semester sequence in financial and managerial accounting needed for AEM Majors. Any Engineering student contemplating a transfer to AEM as a Major should be aware that AEM 2210: Financial Accounting and AEM 3240: Finance will still be required for the AEM Major.