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Requirements for the Bachelor of Science Degree

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Category Credits


  • MATH 1910, 1920, 2930 or 2940, and a mathematics course chosen by the Major.


  • PHYS 1112 and 2213, and, depending on the Major, either PHYS 2214 or a designated mathematics or science course.


  • CHEM 2090.
  • Majors in ChemE or those planning on a health-related career should take CHEM 2090 and then 2080.
  • Students in EnvE, the Environmental Engineering Option in BE, or the Environmental Engineering Concentration of CE should take CHEM 2090 and CHEM 1570/3570.
  • SES Majors should take CHEM 2090 and then 2080/1570.
First-year writing seminars (two courses) 6
Technical writing requirement (see page 14) 3
Computing (CS 1110, 1112, 1114, or 1115) 4
One introduction to engineering (ENGRI) course 3
Two distribution courses (ENGRD), one of which may be required by the Major 6-8
Liberal studies distribution (six courses) ≥18
Approved electives 6
Major-required courses ≥30
Major-approved electives 9
Courses outside the Major 9
Two semesters of physical education and demonstration of proficiency in swimming (university requirement).  


From 123 to 135 credits are required for graduation. The exact number depends on the Major; the specific requirements for each Major are given on the following pages.