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This handbook is intended to support you as an entering and continuing undergraduate
in the College of Engineering at Cornell University. (Some curriculum requirements may
not be relevant to continuing students.) It has been prepared as a handy reference guide
to the requirements, programs, policies, and procedures of the college. We hope that you
will find the information you need for both planning and understanding your engineering

The College of Engineering would also like to emphasize the importance of the social
and ethical implications of the work of engineers as a contribution to the improvement
of society. You are fortunate to be a part of an educational community composed of
people from many different parts of the world and from diverse ethnic groups in the
United States. This diversity gives Cornell a rich multicultural character, and living in the
Cornell community can be an opportunity to learn respect for the customs of others and to
experience cultural pluralism in today’s world. We encourage you to seek out and explore
courses and activities that address issues of race, gender, and ethnic diversity to gain a
more valuable educational experience and to prepare for the practice of engineering.
Although this handbook embraces the development of an undergraduate engineering
education, it does not constitute a complete or definitive statement of the policies of
Cornell University and the College of Engineering. The university announcement
Courses of Study is the official document of the university for defining academic
programs and requirements. In addition, the final authority for academic degree
requirements of the College of Engineering is jointly administered by the faculty of the
College of Engineering, the College Curriculum Governing Board, and the faculty of
the individual Majors within Engineering. For more complete information, consult the
sources mentioned in this handbook, Courses of Study, and Engineering Advising in 167
Olin Hall.

We hope you find this handbook a useful resource as you progress through your years at
Cornell. We wish you much success and welcome your suggestions for improvement of
the handbook.

Fran Shumway
Director, Engineering Advising
Beth Howland
Associate Director, Engineering Advising
Melissa Bazley
Assistant Director, Engineering Advising