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Undergraduate Major Consultants/Associate Directors, and Major Coordinators

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A faculty member serves as associate director or undergraduate-Major consultant of each Engineering Major. Major consultants can be valuable sources of information for students who want to learn more about their respective undergraduate Majors.

Biological Engineering (BE)

Jean Hunter
207 Riley-Robb Hall, 255.2297

Brenda Marchewka
207B Riley-Robb Hall, 255.2173

Chemical Engineering (ChemE)

T. Michael Duncan
352 Olin Hall, 255.8715

Carol Casler
226 Olin Hall, 255.1489

Civil Engineering (CE)

William Philpot
223 Hollister Hall, 255.0801

Nadine Porter
221 Hollister Hall, 255.3412

Computer Science (CS)

Steve Marschner
313 Gates Hall, 255.8367

Nicole Roy
110E Gates Hall, 255.0982

Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)

David H. Albonesi
221 Phillips Hall, 255-8131

Charlene A. Lee
223 Phillips Hall, 255.9442

Engineering Physics (EP)

Chris Xu
276 Clark Hall, 255.1460

Cynthia R. Reynolds
261 Clark Hall, 255.0638

Environmental Engineering (EnvE)

Jery Stedinger
213 Hollister Hall, 255.2351

Nadine Porter
221 Hollister Hall, 255.3412

Todd Walter
222 Riley-Robb Hall, 255.2488

Brenda Marchewka
207B Riley-Robb Hall, 255.2173

Independent Major (IM)

Associate Dean Leslie Trotter
167 Olin Hall, 255.0393

Cindy Pakkala
167 Olin Hall, 255.8240

Information Science, Systems, and Technology (ISST)

Tanzeem Choudhury
243 Gates Hall, 255.6979

Amy Sindone
110H Gates Hall, 255.9837

Cindy Jay
203 Rhodes Hall, 255.5088


Materials Science and Engineering (MSE)
Michael O. Thompson
328 Bard Hall, 255.4714

Michele Conrad
210A Bard Hall, 255.9159

Mechanical Engineering (ME)
Wolfgang Sachse
325 Thurston Hall, 255.5065

Nanette Peterson
108 Upson Hall, 255.3573

Operations Research and Engineering (ORE)
Peter Jackson
218 Rhodes Hall, 255.9122

Cindy Jay
203 Rhodes Hall, 255.5088

Science of Earth Systems (SES)
Larry Brown
3120 Snee Hall

Savannah Williams
2124 Snee Hall, 255.5466