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2014 Undergraduate Engineering Handbook

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Responsibility for Meeting Degree Requirements

University and College Mission, Vision, and Values
     Cornell University’s Mission and Values
     College of Engineering Undergraduate Programs Mission
     Student Learning Outcomes

Guide to Important Resources
     College of Engineering
     Personal Counseling Services
     Tutorial and Academic Support Services
     Career and Professional Development Services
     Other Resources

Undergraduate  Major Consultants/Assoc. Directors, and Major Coordinators

Requirements for the Bachelor of Science Degree

The Academic Program
     College of Engineering Majors
     Requirements for Graduation
     Residence Requirements
     First-Year Requirements
     Preparing for a Major

Academic Advising - Roles and Responsibilities
     Student Responsibilities
     Faculty Advisors
     Engineering Advising Staff
     Peer Advisors
     Directors of Undergraduate Studies/Associate Directors
     Undergraduate Coordinators
     Preprofessional Advising
     Diversity Programs in Engineering
     Engineering Cooperative Education and Career Services
     Engineering Learning Initiatives
     Engineering Registrar
     University Student Records Policy

Applying for Major Affiliation
     Major Descriptions, Flow Charts, and Check Lists
     Requirements for Major Affiliation

Major Programs
     Major: Biological Engineering (BE)
     Major: Chemical Engineering (ChemE)
     Major: Civil Engineering (CE)
     Major: Computer Science (CS)
     Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
     Major: Engineering Physics (EP)
     Major: Environmental Engineering (EnvE)
     Major: Information Science, Systems, and Technology (ISST)
     Major: Materials Science and Engineering (MSE)
     Major: Mechanical Engineering (ME)
     Major: Operations Research and Engineering (ORE)
     Major: Science of Earth Systems (SES)

     Minor: Aerospace Engineering
     Minor: Applied Mathematics
     Minor: Biological Engineering
     Minor: Biomedical Engineering
     Minor: Civil Infrastructure
     Minor: Computer Science
     Minor: Dyson Business Minor for Engineers
     Minor: Electrical and Computer Engineering
     Minor: Engineering Management
     Minor: Engineering Statistics
     Minor: Environmental Engineering
     Minor: Game Design
     Minor: Industrial Systems and Information Technology
     Minor: Information Science
     Minor: Materials Science and Engineering
     Minor: Mechanical Engineering
     Minor: Operations Research and Management Science
     Minor: Science of Earth Systems
     Minor: Sustainable Energy Systems

Special Programs
     Concurrent Degree Option
     Double Majors
     The Independent Major (IM)
     International Engineering Programs
     Engineering Communications Program (ECP)
     Engineering Cooperative Education Program (Co-op)
     Engineering Leadership Program
     Engineering Student Project Teams
     Undergraduate Research
     Cooperative Programs with The Samuel Curtis Johnson
         Graduate School of Management

Course Registration
     The Course Add/Drop Form
     Adding a Course
     Dropping a Course
     Changing a Grade Option
     Changing Credit Hours
     Course Pre-Enrollment through CoursEnroll
     Maximum Number of Credits per Semester
     Research for Credit vs. Pay
     ROTC Courses

Grades and Credit
     Advanced Placement and Transfer Credit
     Advanced Placement Credit Table

Academic Standing
     Criteria for Good Standing in Major Programs
     Academic Actions
     Academic Integrity
     Dean’s List
     Graduating with Distinction
     Major Honors Programs

Changes in Status
     Petitions to the Faculty
     Leave of Absence
     Extramural Students
     Rejoining the College After a Leave of Absence
     Transferring from One Engineering Major to Another
     Transferring to Another College at Cornell
     Change of Name or Address

Career and Professional Development
     Deciding on a Career
     Career Services at Cornell
     Graduate Programs and Professional Study
     Professional Engineer Licensing

Student Organizations