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Minor: Dyson Business Minor for Engineers

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Offered by: College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Contact: Nancy Bell, Dyson Undergraduate Minor Coordinator, 375 Warren Hall or email:


All Engineering undergraduates are eligible to declare their intent to minor in the Dyson Business Minor for Engineers (DBME) beginning in the freshman year and no later than the end of their sixth semester. The Declaration of Intent to Minor may be filed up to two semesters prior to completing the prerequisite microeconomics requirement, and offers students the benefit of preferential scheduling in AEM courses which are part of the minor.


Completion of (or enrollment in) ECON 1110: Introductory Microeconomics, or equivalent course with a passing grade (including AP or appropriate credit that appears on the student’s official transcript). S/U grade option is permitted for the prerequisite class.


All courses for the minor must be completed with a grade of C or better. At least 7 credits must be taken in the Dyson School (AEM). Students must complete one course in each of the following categories:

Category 1. Introduction to Basic Business Concepts: (3 credits)

  • AEM 1200: Introduction to Business Management
  • AEM 2400: Marketing
  • Non-Dyson Options: ENGRI 1270, NCC 5580, ORIE 4152, HADM 2410, NCC 5530

Category 2: Introduction to Accounting Principles*: (3 credits)

  • AEM 2210: Financial Accounting
  • Non-Dyson Options: ORIE 3150, NCC 5500, HADM 2230

Category 3: Understanding Finance: (3 credits)

  • AEM 2240: Finance (formerly AEM 3240)
  • Non-Dyson Options: HADM 2250, NCC 5560

Category 4: Integrating Marketing, Finance, Human Resources and Operations: (1 credit)

  • AEM 4660: Market Dynamics, Computer Simulation and Modeling

Category 5: Business/Management Course to Support Career Goals*: (3 credits)


*Special considerations for students majoring in ORIE:

  1. ORIE students may take any of the following courses to fulfill the accounting requirement for the Dyson Minor: AEM 3360, 3500, 4170, 4210, 4230, 4260, 4280, and 4290. All but AEM 3360 can also satisfy a Major-approved Elective from category B towards their ORIE requirements.
  2. ORIE majors may not use AEM 3100 or AEM 4120 to fulfill the category 5 requirement.

For complete details (including the Declaration of Intent document), please visit: