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Minor: Engineering Statistics

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Offered by: Department of Statistical Science and School of Operations Research and Information Engineering
Contact: ORE Undergraduate Major Consultant, 203 Rhodes Hall, 255.5088.


All undergraduates except Operations Research and Engineering Majors. A student may not receive credit for more than one minor offered by ORIE.

Educational Objectives

This minor requires the student to develop expertise in engineering statistics. The goal of the program is to provide a firm understanding of statistical principles and engineering applications and the ability to apply this knowledge in real-world situations.


At least six (6) courses (minimum of 18 credits), chosen as follows:

Required Courses

  • ENGRD 2700: Basic Engineering Probability and Statistics
  • ORIE 3500: Engineering Probability and Statistics II or ECE 3100: Introduction to Probability and Random Signals

Four courses (11 credits minimum) taken from the following lista

  • ORIE 3510: Introductory Engineering Stochastic Processes I or ECE 4110: Random Signals in Communications and Signal Processing
  • ORIE 4580: Simulation Modeling and Analysis
  • ORIE 4710: Applied Linear Statistical Models
  • ORIE 4711: Experimental Design
  • ORIE 4712: Regression
  • ORIE 5550: Applied Time-Series Analysis
  • ORIE 5770: Quality Control
  • MATH 4720: Statistics or BTRY 4090: Theory of Statistics
  • BTRY 6020: Statistical Methods II
  • BTRY 6030: Statistical Methods III or ILRST 4110: Statistical Analysis of Qualitative Data or ILRST 3100: Statistical Sampling
  • ILRST 4100: Techniques of Multivariate Analysis

Academic Standards

At least C– in each course in the minor and a GPA ≥2.0 in all courses in the minor.


  • a. Other course options approved by petition in advance. The student should be aware that some of these courses require others as prerequisites. All these courses are cross-listed under the Dept. of Statistical Science.