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Minor: Environmental Engineering

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Offered by: Department of Biological and Environmental Engineering and School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Contact: BEE Undergraduate Major Coordinator, 207 Riley-Robb Hall, or CEE Undergraduate Major Coordinator, 221 Hollister Hall


All undergraduates except Environmental Engineering Majors. Civil Engineering Majors may not use courses to fulfill simultaneously the minor requirements and a Major-approved elective or design course.

Educational Objectives

A fundamental challenge for the engineering profession is development of a sustainable society and environmentally responsible industry and agriculture reflecting an integration of economic and environmental objectives. We are called upon to be trustees and managers of our nation’s resources, the air in our cities, and water in our aquifers, streams, estuaries, and coastal areas. This minor encourages engineering students to learn about the scientific, engineering, and economic foundations of environmental engineering so that they are better able to address environmental management issues.


At least six (6) courses (minimum of 18 credits), chosen as follows: Students must select courses from the following group listings, with at least one (1) course from each group.

Group A. Environmental Engineering Processes

  • BEE/ENGRD 2510: Engineering for a Sustainable Society
  • BEE 4010: Renewable Energy Systems
  • BEE 4760: Solid Waste Engineering
  • BEE/EAS 4800: Our Changing Atmosphere: Global Change and Atmospheric Chemistry
  • BEE 4860: Industrial Ecology of Agriculturally Based Bioindustries
  • BEE 4870: Sustainable Bioenergy Systems
  • CEE 3510: Environmental Quality Engineering
  • CEE 4510: Microbiology for Environmental Engineering
  • CEE 4530: Laboratory Research in Environmental Engineering
  • CEE 4540: Sustainable Municipal Drinking Water Treatment
  • CEE 4550: AguaClara: Sustainable Water Supply Project
  • CEE 6530: Water Chemistry for Environmental Engineering
  • CEE 6560: Physical/Chemical Process
  • CEE 6570: Biological Processes
  • CEE 6580: Biodegradation and Biocatalysis
  • ENGRI 1130: Sustainable Design for Appledore Island (may count only if taken before the third year)

Group B. Environmental Systems

  • BEE 4750: Environmental Systems Analysis
  • BEE 4880: Applied Modeling and Simulation for Renewable Energy Systems
  • CEE 4650/6650: Transportation, Energy, and Environmental Systems for Sustainable Development
  • CEE 5970: Risk Analysis and Management
  • CEE 6230: Environmental Quality Systems Engineering
  • CHEME 6660: Analysis of Sustainable Energy Systems

Group C. Hydraulics, Hydrology, and Environmental Fluid Mechanics

  • BEE 3710: Physical Hydrology for Ecosystems
  • BEE 4270: Water Measurement and Analysis Methods
  • BEE/EAS 4710: Introduction to Groundwater
  • BEE 4730: Watershed Engineering
  • BEE 4740: Water and Landscape Engineering Applications
  • CEE 3310: Fluid Mechanics (CHEME 3230: Fluid Mechanics or MAE 3230: Introductory Fluid Mechanics may be substituted for CEE 3310)
  • CEE 4370: Experimental Methods in Fluid Dynamics
  • CEE 6550: Transport, Mixing, and Transformation in the Environment

Academic Standards

At least C– in each course in the minor and a GPA ≥2.0 in all courses in the minor.