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Minor: Industrial Systems and Information Technology

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Offered by: School of Operations Research and Information Engineering
Contact: ORE Undergraduate Major Consultant, 203 Rhodes Hall, 255.5088.


All undergraduates except those majoring in Information Science; Information Science, Systems, and Technology; or Operations Research and Engineering. A student may not receive credit for more than one minor offered by ORIE.

Educational Objectives

The aim of this minor is to provide an in-depth education in issues central to the design and analysis of operational systems and the tools from information technology that have become an integral part of the manufacturing, finance, service, and public-health industries. Students will become familiar with the problems, perspectives, and methods found in these fields and be prepared to work with professionals in designing and managing them. That is, rather than providing a comprehensive view of the range of methodological foundations of operations research, this minor is designed to give the student a focused education in application areas closely associated with these techniques.


At least six (6) courses (minimum of 18 credits), chosen as follows:

Required courses:

  • ENGRD 2700: Basic Engineering Probability and Statistics
  • ORIE 3120: Industrial Data and Systems Analysis
  • ORIE 4800: Information Technology

The remaining courses/credit hours from the following:

  • ORIE 3150: Financial and Managerial Accounting
  • ORIE 3300: Optimization I
  • ORIE 4150: Economic Analysis of Engineering Systems
  • ORIE 4580: Simulation Modeling and Analysis
  • ORIE 4810: Delivering OR Solutions with Information Technology
  • ORIE 4850: Applications of Operations Research and Game Theory to Information Technology
  • ORIE 5100: Design of Manufacturing Systems
  • ORIE 5120: Production Planning and Scheduling Theory and Practice
  • ORIE 5770: Quality Control

Academic Standards

At least C– in each course in the minor and a GPA ≥2.0 in all courses in the minor.