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Minor: Materials Science and Engineering

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Offered by: Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Contact: MSE Undergraduate Program Coordinator, 210 Bard Hall, 255.9159


All undergraduates except those majoring in Materials Science and Engineering.

Educational Objectives

Materials form the core basis of many engineering disciplines including mechanical, civil, chemical, and electrical engineering. This minor provides engineers in related Majors with the fundamental understanding of mechanisms that determine the performance, properties, and processing of modern materials.


At least six (6) courses (≥18 credits), chosen as follows:


  • MSE 2610: Mechanical Properties of Materials: From Nanodevices to Superstructures or MSE 2620: Electronic Materials for the Information Age

Two of the following:

  • MSE 2060: Atomic and Molecular Structure of Matter
  • MSE 3010: Materials Chemistry
  • MSE 3030: Thermodynamics of Condensed Systems
  • MSE 3040: Kinetics, Diffusion, and Phase Transformation
  • MSE 3050: Electronic, Magnetic, and Dielectric Properties of Materials
  • MSE 4020: Mechanical Properties of Materials, Processing, and Design

Three electives chosen from the following:

  • MSE 2610, MSE 2620, and any MSE course at the 3000 level or above
  • Selected courses in materials properties and processing (at the 3000 level or above) from AEP, CHEME, CEE, ECE, MAE, PHYS, and CHEM, as approved by the MSE undergraduate coordinator. (Courses listed as “Materials Applications Electives” on the MSE web site meet this requirement.)

Academic Standards

At least C in each course in the minor.