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Co-op Program

Cornell University’s Engineering Cooperative Education program is founded in the College of Engineering’s vision to “prepare our undergraduate students for lifelong creation of knowledge and solutions to complex real-world problems.” Cornell University’s Engineering Co-op program provides an educational opportunity that integrates a student's academic and career interests with paid, productive work experience at cooperating organizations throughout the world. During this experience, students convert theory into practice as they apply classroom knowledge to practical work situations, as well as gain knowledge and skills, which will enhance future coursework. In addition, the program offers students the opportunity to clarify their academic focus and test their career interests and goals.

For more information, read our Student Experiences page.

How Students Qualify

Students typically apply for Co-op positions during sophomore year in order to work during junior year. Students must have junior status, prior to the first work term. A cumulative GPA of 2.7 or better and a declared major by the end of sophomore year are required to participate.

How Students Register

Engineering Sophomores, Arts & Sciences Sophomores in Computer Science, and CALS Sophomores in Biological and Environmental Engineering, who are interested in participating in Co-op in 2014-2015, attended a mandatory Information/Registration Meeting early in the fall semester. 

Two Information/Registration Meetings are scheduled each year for students to attend, receive information about Co-op, ask questions, and register. In-depth information about participation in the program is discussed at the meeting.

Co-op Information/Registration Meetings take place early in the fall semester and attendance at one of the sessions is required for students interested in Co-op. For further information about Co-op, please browse this website. If you have a unique situation and meet the requirements stated above, you may qualify for entry in the program after the registration period has ended. If you wish to explore the possibility of being added as a Co-op Candidate, you must schedule an appointment to speak with the Co-op Coordinator, Kim Swartz.