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For Co-op Employers

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Every year employers come to Ithaca, NY to interview and hire Co-op students from among the College of Engineering’s talented and creative undergraduates. At Cornell University, an interdisciplinary environment that fosters creativity and innovation, they find the students for whom they are looking. Employers who hire students from the Cornell Engineering Cooperative Education Program gain more than outstanding apprentices—they have a chance to observe and groom prospective employees. Cornell Engineering students are self-reliant, ready, confident of their abilities, and eager to learn. In the short-term, these students can breathe new life into an existing project. In the long-term, these students gain the experience they need to bring even more skills and confidence to the table as employees after graduation.

The students in the Engineering Cooperative Education Program are high-achieving undergraduates whose outlook and skills reflect Cornell’s rigorous standards, outstanding faculty, and first-rate facilities. Students applying for Co-op positions may already have had experiences working on one of the approximately 20+ applied project teams in the College of Engineering, such as the Formula SAE, Cornell University Sustainable Design, Design, Build, Fly, and CUSat Nanosatellite team.