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Co-op Recruiting Policies

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In This Section:

Co-op Interviews  

Co-op interviews are restricted to students officially registered with the Engineering Co-op Program.  

Second Round Interviews  

Second round interviews at the employer location are strongly discouraged. Second round interviews may be conducted by phone. Employers wishing to invite students for site visits, may do so during spring break (April 1 – April 9, 2017) as students are making final decisions on offers.  

Students Work Terms  

The majority of interviews during the Spring 2017 semester will be for a Fall 2017/Summer 2018 Co-op work experience. It is the responsibility of both the recruiter and the student to communicate a preference for or availability of alternate work terms (Summer/Fall 2017, Spring/Summer 2018). Unless otherwise specified, the offer applies to Co-op employment for at least 28 weeks total.  

The employer will inform the Co-op office of any change in status or location of Co-op students in advance.  

Relocation Expenses  

The employer is expected to pay the student’s transportation expenses between Cornell or the student’s home and the workplace at the beginning and end of the Co-op work. Other benefits may be awarded according to the employer’s organizational policy, including housing compensation.  

Distributing Offers  

All offers for Co-op positions are distributed through the Co-op Office using the Job Offer Worksheet. Employers submit the worksheet to the Engineering Career Center, who then present the offers to students on a secure website. Offers may be submitted at any time after interviews occur, but no later than Thursday, March 2. Submitting offers through the Co-op office eliminates the need for rejection letters from employers.  

When the offers are distributed to the students, those with more than one prime offer will be asked to narrow down their choices. The offers they turn down then become available to the first alternate, then the second, etc. For employers to increase the chances of filling all open Co-op positions, a sufficient number of alternates should be listed. We recommend listing as alternates all students whom an employer is willing to hire.  

Communication between Students & Employers 

Employers may contact students at any time after submitting offers to the Engineering Career Center. Students may contact recruiters and managers any time during the on-campus recruiting and the offer process only to discuss job specifics, not to negotiate salary.  

Accepting Offers 

Students may accept only one offer. Students may begin accepting and declining offers at any time and are not required to accept any Co-op offer before Monday, March 20. Once a student accepts an offer, the Co-op office communicates the acceptance to the employer.  


Offers may include salary and information about other benefits (housing subsidies/support, holiday pay, bonus pay, etc.) as applicable. This information will be presented to individual students when offers are viewed on a password protected web site.