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Mentor Comments on Harsh Chamria

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“…Harsh experienced all aspects of a startup at Bling Nation. From an experiential perspective, the beauty of a startup is to have both a view from the tree tops as well as be knee-deep in the “weeds.

As Bling Nation is a burgeoning mobile payments company, we spent time brainstorming how to expand our network and tackling the “chicken and egg” issue of getting both merchants and consumers activated simultaneously. This brainstorming turned into a few activities in which Harsh played a critical role:

  1. Identifying and approaching 3rd parties and large merchants that would play a key role in the expansion of our network (business development),
  2. Developing a web-based application (product development) for independent merchants allowing them to interact with our platform and easily create coupons, promotions, and loyalty programs, as well as connect to social media, all which are integrated into our payment platform
  3. Work directly with independent merchants to persuade them to join our network, train them, provide support, and obtain crucial feedback that helped Bling Nation improve our product (front-line selling and operations).

Harsh was then tasked with building a plan and budget to launch Bling at Cornell (strategic planning).

You would be hard pressed to find an individual more enthusiastic about mobile payments than Harsh. He consistently stayed late nights, and showed a true, personal commitment to the product. Harsh did a phenomenal job at Bling Nation. He made such a positive impression on the team that he was asked to continue to represent Bling Nation and plan to launch our platform at Cornell. Cornell and the Kessler Fellows program should expect great things from Harsh in the future, no matter what he decides to do.

The Kessler Fellows program is an incredible opportunity that you provide to outstanding students. You and your team really do a great job…”

- Shan Meta, Executive Team Member