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Mentor Comments on Amy Chen

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Amy was in charge of developing our social media efforts in brand building. Specifically she managed our youtube, twitter, facebook, and blog. She created innovative content to transition the Thevi brand from an ethnic focused cosmetic line to an Indian inspired brand focus.

Other areas of key focus included, Web design: Amy created an indepth template design for a revised online experience including integration of social media tools! Online Blog: Amy created an online expansion planning strategy [blog events, featured bloggers, featured products, color of the week, keeping track of other blogs] And, she developed relationships with makeup artists, dance programs, blog/youtube readers/viewers. Amy also worked on the Thevi Investor presentation: She completed market research of our retail and competitive landscape and developed/created key brand visional boards to express the Indian inspired concept.

All of Amy’s efforts had an end goal in mind: build brand awareness which would strengthen our positioning with investors! She took initiative, was willing to try new areas and was extremely enthusiastic in her work. Amy had a strong drive toward tackling tasks which have uncertainty in tangible outcome and she had the flexibility to adapt a project to meet our end objectives. These two qualities are essential for a startup company.

Amy was an invaluable asset for Thevi cosmetics and I greatly appreciate the Kessler fellowship participation.

—Thevaki Thambirajah Chrzanowski, President and CEO, Thevi Cosmetics