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Mentor Comments on Bhaskar Garg

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Bhaskar has excellent analytical and laboratory skills. He joined our team on the “CO2 to fuels” project which aims to develop and demonstrate a technological approach to CO2 capture for conversion to liquid hydrocarbons. Bhaskar assisted in the initial operation and modeling of the CO2 concentration electrodialysis unit. He successfully ran the start-up and qualification experiments and created an analytical model to interpret the results. He worked very well with the other project members and together they successfully tested the limits of CO2 concentration with standard electrodialytic techniques. This is proving most helpful as we move into the phase of executing our DARPA contract in this area.

Bhaskar is very thoughtful and intelligent. During his Fellowship placement, he was not afraid to ask questions and challenge assumptions or conventional ways of thinking. He was quick to get into the work and he contributed in substantial ways which was a huge benefit for our project – highly unusual for a 10-week internship! Overall, this was an excellent experience.

—Karl Littau, Area Manager, PARC