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Mentor Comments on Rashaan Keeton

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“…Rashaan joined e2e Materials during a period of rapid company growth. As with most young companies there are always more projects in need of attention than there are financial and human resources to address them. Rashaan was able to jump in and make immediate contributions on several fronts.

His ability to work independently was demonstrated in the laboratory where he designed and executed a series of experiments that investigated the use of lower cost ingredients in resin formulations. Rashaan successfully demonstrated that it was possible to produce biocomposite products that met or exceeded all quality standards while simultaneously lowering the overall cost of the resin.

Due to increasing interest in e2e Materials’ products, we received several requests to develop more detailed specifications for our products. Rashaan researched and developed a list of the best standard methods for acquiring all the additional information needed. Rashaan also attended and participated in weekly all company meetings where the current technical, customer and financial considerations were openly discussed. I believe this gave him an excellent introduction to the daily decisions and priority adjustments required for the effective growth and nurturing of a young, technology based company. He also contributed on the business side by working on a novel approach to analyzing the competitive landscape.

Overall, Rashaan became an integral member of the team throughout his summer internship at e2e Materials. His friendly attitude, helpfulness and diligent work habits made him an invaluable resource this summer. He made real contributions to the ongoing success of the company…”

- Bob Rasmussen, Director of Research and Testing, e2e Materials, Inc.