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Mentor Comments on Peter Krull

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“…Peter was a pleasure to have for the summer. MC10’s culture is work hard, play hard and Peter easily joined our culture and earned the respect of the team. His contributions were important…significant developments towards our technical and business goals.

Peter worked on a variety of tasks over the summer including a thorough summary of silicon die suppliers, flexible pcb mfgs and, most importantly, the development of several prototypes for a new process we are developing. He showed initiative, dedication and perseverance in all of these activities. He worked in a close knit team of three people and mastered the use of a specialized flip-chip machine in order to fabricate the prototypes. He was able to understand both the overall requirements of the program and master the details and enable the hands-on work to build the units.

Peter was a pleasure to work with – personable and enthusiastic about his work and able to deliver on tight schedules and be very productive….he is an excellent team player and dedicated worker with a strong technical background…

Peter was also exposed to the business decisions we face in a startup as well. He observed and participated in company meetings where we laid out the market and business opportunity challenges. Over the summer, we focused on particular market segments, laid out specific technical investigations (one of which he worked on) and executed one. The rapid planning and execution of these plans exposed Peter to business issues, challenges and approaches to problem-solving and, as with all business, making decisions in the absence of complete information...”

- Kevin Dowling, VP R&D, MC10, Inc.