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Mentor Comments for Amanda Kushner

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Fellow: Amanda Kushner, Independent Major
Mentor: Keith Cowing, Founder & CEO
Company: Seamless Receipts, Inc. 
Location: New York City, NY

"Amanda helped us with a variety of activities during the summer.  One theme was analyzing our market and determining how to break down potential business opportunities and effectively select between them as we expand.  Another theme was Amanda looking at the metrics for a few example customers to understand how our clients are using our solution and how we can quantify the value we deliver to them.  She also researched PR opportunities, potential vendors for a website design project, and submitted new product ideas to the team.

Amanda consistently impressed me during the summer.  It was an honor to work with her and participate in the Kessler program.  I have a high bar to be impressed, and Amanda was able to do so.  She had the right approach to pursue a position during the summer (I get a lot of inbound interest for job requests and end up ignoring most of them due to the volume.)  She also provided a tremendous amount of value to our company - much more than is typically expected from a summer employee.  She has a unique blend of analytic abilities (go Cornell Engineering!), personal ambition, and the organized nature to get work done effectively.  I will highly recommend her to anybody she interviews with during her full-time job search and will happily get on the phone with anyone who wants a reference from her past work.

Amanda was a pleasure to work with.  I am sure that she will be successful in whatever pursuit she follows.  With her technical background, personal initiative, and outgoing nature, she is very effective and brings a well-rounded approach to difficult problems.  I am glad to have had the opportunity to have her join Seamless Receipts as a summer Fellow through the Kessler Program."