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Mentor Comments for Ashwin Narayanan

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Fellow: Ashwin Narayanan, MSE
Mentor: Neilesh Mutyala, Manager, Marketing & Business Development
Company: Seeo, Inc
Location: Hayward, CA

"Ashwin brought a combination of skills, intellect and drive that I have rarely seen matched from a student at his level, or for that matter, at several levels beyond.  Capabilities and knowledge are impressive, but when combined with the ability to learn extremely fast and with the drive to be a self-starter, you have a unique formula that will undoubtedly lead to ongoing success in Ashwin's career.

Ashwin was given a set of projects that sit at the intersection of our business, technology and product teams, including production cost forecasting, customer value modeling, and corporate branding. After delivering exemplary results and displaying an intellectual maturity outsized for a summer intern, the scope of Ashwin's work was expanded to include detailed pricing and cost analysis for Seeo's lead customer…

… Ashwin's exemplary performance allowed me to expand his primary responsibilities to include an analysis of Seeo's value to the automotive market, which had been excluded from Ashwin's original scope due to the amount of analysis that had already gone into this segment. However, Ashwin brought a very disciplined approach to modeling the Total Cost of Ownership of a Seeo battery versus a competitor's. The model he delivered was presented to Seeo's CEO…

It was a true pleasure to witness the alacrity and curiosity with which Ashwin attacked new opportunities. His legacy here is assured as the content he left Seeo with will be used by across our organization.

We want to thank Ashwin and the Kessler program for a wonderful summer"