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Mentor Comments for Brian Schiffer

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Fellow: Brian Schiffer, ECE
Mentor: Ben Rubin, CTO & Co-Founder
Company: Zeo, Inc. 
Location: Newton, MA

"During his summer placement, Brian led an investigation into how Zeo could introduce a passive sleep sensor into the market.  He worked with technology providers, mattress manufacturers, and customers to define the product features and build out an assessment of the appropriate technologies.

Brian quickly and enthusiastically learns new skills. I asked him to start speaking with customers about his product ideas – he sought out mentorship and quickly learned this tough new skill!

 He is enthusiastic about his work at Zeo – he loves self-quantification, hardware, and sleep. This is a major asset. 

His intellectual horsepower is unmatched – he can jump into a technical problem and immediately begin understanding and applying it to the problems at hand."