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Mentor Comments for Jeremy Blum

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Fellow: Jeremy Blum, ECE
Mentor: Adam Mayer, CTO, Co-Founder
Company: MakerBot Industries, LLC
Location: Brooklyn, NY

" When Jeremy first arrived at MakerBot, I warned him that it would be difficult for me to give him a clear picture of what he'd be working on in six days, much less six weeks. As often happens here, the projects mutated and multiplied, and by the end of the summer he'd completed a wide range of projects in support, marketing, and engineering, culminating in a large-scale redesign of our current electronics harness.

 As Jeremy observed recently, most engineering decisions are business decisions. Part choices have to be evaluated for price and availability and tie directly into customer research and decisions about product lifespans. Tradeoffs between functionality and ease of use have immediate impact in support and manufacturing. Jeremy has been able to observe these effects firsthand and incorporate what he's learned into his work.

 We are a very transparent business. Our entire staff inhabits a single, barrier-free room, and communication is constant. We hope that Jeremy has been able to see enough of the company in cross-section, as it were, to understand how businesses like ours get rolling and interact with vendors, manufacturers, and customers. Business isn't a wrapper; it runs through every part of a company, and I think Jeremy is returning to school with that sense this autumn…

 …Jeremy has been a delight to work with. He has been quick, consistent and effective in his work, and is capable of a tremendous degree of autonomy (something vital in a startup culture, and especially at a hardware startup, where unexpected problems can emerge at any time). We have a great degree of confidence in his abilities and decisions, and it's been a tremendous boost to have him here for the summer.

During his time at MakerBot, he's taken a leading role on critical engineering projects and assisted our marketing and community outreach efforts. He's had a positive impact in every area he's been involved in, and we've all enjoyed his energy and enthusiasm.

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to work with Jeremy this summer, and we're hoping to hear more from him in the future!"