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Mentor Comments for Jessica Schmidt

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Fellow: Jessica Schmidt, BEE
Mentor: Brian Lawrence, Founder & Technical Director
Company: Sarentis Ophthalmics, Inc.
Location: NYC, NY

"Jessica participated in a wide range of projects and exposure to the working of Sarentis. She worked on three business wrapper projects which included the compilation of a competitive technology matrix, and significant involvement in the writing of a portion of a grant proposal. She also worked on the initial development of the manufacturing process used to create the company's initial product. The project entailed characterizing the various parameters that may be optimized in this process and lays the foundational groundwork for the future development of the finalized manufacturing protocol.

Jessica was given full responsibility over her projects and reported to the company officers directly. In addition, during her tenure the company was experiencing an initial growth phase, which allowed her the unique opportunity to observe various fundraising activities, manufacturing development and market analysis activities.

We found Jessica to be an intelligent and thoughtful student who can adequately apply her engineering skill set to complete a multicomponent project successfully. In addition, she works hard and with pride to ensure she provides a well thought through outcome for all her work. Finally, she is an excellent listener who is readily able to adapt and contribute to real-time changes in her work."