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Mentor Comments for Matt Riemer

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Fellow: Matthew Reimer, Engineering Physics
Mentors: Matthew Stevenson, Group Leader, Device Performance & Physics and Peter Kazlas, Director of Device R&D
Company: QD Vision
Location: Lexington, MA

"During his summer placement, Matt was involved in work in two areas – infrared emitters and transparent displays.

For the IR devices, he learned how to test and properly document devices of this type using specialized equipment as well as their correct operation.  The technical goal of this work was to benchmark their performance prior to customer delivery, and Matt was highly involved in the successful demonstration of these new IR products under field conditions.  This work was quite challenging, as it had never been attempted under those conditions before. On the business development side, Matt met with our vice-president of government business and with his input as a starting point, produced a specification sheet and a powerpoint 'pitch' for use in explaining the advantages of this technology to potential customers.

For the transparent display work, Matt was involved in more of a design role, and was responsible for developing a set of demonstration designs for several applications areas for this technology. On the applications and marketing side, Matt was included in the process of developing a potential product with an external partner, and joined conference calls and meetings for this project. In addition, he created a technology sales brochure and slide pitch for this technology area. 

To work well at any start-up, you must be willing to put in a lot of effort and be able to constantly adapt your focus to keep up with changing technical and business needs. To work at QD Vision successfully you must also demonstrate an ability to grasp some challenging scientific concepts and be able to think about the business space for a completely novel technology. I am happy to be able to say that Matt was able to meet all of these goals, and to do so in a very professional manner.

Matt contributed successfully to our work over the summer in three main areas. On the technical side, he helped to complete an important deliverable for a customer by quantitatively demonstrating the effect range of our newly developed IR emitting devices. As a design project, he helped to conceptualize a demonstrator for a transparent display product for both military and entertainment applications. Finally, as a marketing/communications project, he created sales materials for both of these programs. In order to meet these goals, Matt had to draw upon skills in both business and technical areas, and did so very well.  We expect his excellent work product over the summer to accelerate our business development efforts later this year."