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Mentor Comments for Natasha Gangjee

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Fellow: Natasha Gangjee, MechE
Mentor: Bob Riccomini, Principal
Company: Whipsaw, Inc. 
Location: San Jose, CA

"Overall, Natasha was responsible for a number of engineering tasks including stability analysis of a products, vendor selection for prototype components, acquisition of components pricing,  financial analysis of prototype costs, incoming inspection, and approval of parts and payments to vendors.

it was a pleasure having Natasha spend the summer with us. We have had mixed results in the past with summer employees to the point of us shying away from bringing them on. We were hoping that having Natasha with us this summer would be different than our past experiences. We were quite pleasantly surprised with our experience this summer. From her first day with us she immediately integrated herself into our team. She contributed openly to staff meetings, client meetings, and working with the other team members. She also integrated herself on a social level as well. Joining daily group lunch outings and any social after hours events that go on quite often at Whipsaw.

Natasha's overall contribution to the daily work that was being produced was extremely helpful. Whipsaw has, fortunately, been overwhelmed with work this summer. Her ability to roll up her sleeves and jump in and contribute on whatever task needed attention was exceptional. She has been dearly missed during the past few weeks since she has gone back to school.

My staff and I were also impressed by her meticulous attention to detail and doing whatever it took to get task accomplished regardless of the required time. She spent many long days at Whipsaw completing her assignments. I have been an engineer for longer than I would like to admit, and I have not seen an undergrad student with such a strong arsenal of fundamental engineering skills."