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Mentor Comments on James Gippetti

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Fellow: James Gippetti, MSE
Mentor: Tony Agresta, VP of Marketing
Company: Centrifuge Systems
Location: McLean, VA

"The contribution James made to Centrifuge in the summer of 2011 was felt throughout the organization.  He handled all aspects of our sales and marketing process including demand generation, lead administration, customer analysis, presentations, marketing content development and website design.  James was a superstar handling all tasks with diplomacy, dispatch, accuracy and quality.   He was recognized as a strong contributor by everyone in Centrifuge.   In addition to that, James was a pleasure to work with and made a real difference in our business.  Customers enjoyed working with James.  He produced top notch analytical results that we continue to use today.  His thirst for knowledge and ability to learn and meet deadlines could not have been better.   This guy is a superstar.

James was intimately involved in all of our sales and marketing activity this summer.  He was peripherally involved in other aspects of the business as well including product management, development, financial planning and training/support. He started by learning our technology and working with sample data sets to visualize hidden relationship in data. This foundation was useful in many ways.  James was able to immediately start to work with prospect data which we presented back to customers in support of moving sales cycles forward.

James also did type of analysis on behalf of partners who could potentially integrate our technology. Leads for Centrifuge come in through web forms on our website.  James handled all of the leads administration and follow-up with these prospects in terms of white paper and free evaluation support.   These are key milestones in our sales and marketing process since buyers typically do not license Centrifuge until they see their data in our technology.

James went on to work very closely on content based marketing projects including webinar preparation, white paper development, web site design, work with our graphic artists, screen shot development with annotations and much more.   He also supported a variety of domestic and international sales calls through webex and in person with top name prospects where James led part of the product demonstration.

Throughout the summer, James also sat in on product engineering meetings and met with other members of our staff including product management and our CFO to review business planning and financial modeling. All of these tasks provide the fuel for entrepreneurial growth within Centrifuge.

James is one of the fastest learners I have ever met.  He can absorb massive amounts of new information and work through problems at light speed. As a result, James could complete work faster than anyone I've seen with accuracy. James is also technical.  His ability to learn and apply our visualization technology was fantastic."