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Mentor Comments on Tucker Moffat

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Tucker entered our small start-up open to the wide breadth of tasks assigned to him. We had a small amount of mechanical engineering projects (working to expand and eliminate design flaws in our product), several administrative projects (like researching payroll options), and assisting in business development and research projects. Tucker worked with different members of our team on each of these projects as we felt this cross section of team members and functional duties would help Tucker see the many diverse aspects involved in running a business.

Tucker was approached to help with a product demo needed for business development purposes. Generally speaking I think our business development function was the best area for Tucker to work in. It exposed him to pricing products, segmenting and approaching the market, product challenges, need for business focus, prioritizing the pitch, etc.

Tucker was always ready to take on any project big or small. It was very nice to have someone like this and he quickly became a valuable asset to the company. He also could work independently. In a small company or as an entrepreneur, you need to know what to do and how to do it without holding your hand – and Tucker did this well. He also had a comfort and skill level with a wide range of areas – a crucial skill for an entrepreneur and valuable anywhere!

—Matt Cholerton, Minister of Culture, Bug Labs