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Mentor Comments on Josh Moskovitz

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“..Throughout his summer, Josh was exposed to the many aspects of a 9-month-old startup with 20 employees. He started at Readyforce as a business analyst working with our Vice President of Operations and quickly gained experience across all areas of the day-to-day business ranging from client services to product development. He was truly a jack-of-all-trades and extremely valuable to our fast growing company.

…We were quickly impressed with his proactive nature in identifying business and technology problems and proposing creative solutions. A few weeks into the summer, we could see that Josh had tremendous potential and that he could handle additional responsibilities and more complex tasks. Josh began working closely with the Product Management team on product research, design and bug testing. He quickly became an instrumental bridge in communications between our client services and engineering teams by actively participating in the daily engineering “stand ups” and providing vital operational feedback that helped our engineers resolve bugs and develop new features in the system.

In addition to his daily role, Josh was assigned a long-term summer project: an automated system to match job seekers to jobs. With very little supervision, he was responsible for defining the business opportunity, researching the problem and scoping the initial steps for deployment in the system. Josh’s summer project concluded with company-wide presentation of his finding...

Finally, Josh demonstrated two key characteristics of successful entrepreneurs: flexibility and adaptability. Whether answering the phone while filling in for our receptionist, handling unhappy candidate calls or analyzing complex problems, Josh took on every assignment with aggressive determination (and a smile). Josh has a great attitude, velocity and impressive focus that set a wonderful example in our newly forming company culture. He was a pleasure to have in the office and quickly connected with every member of the team. We wish Josh the best in his career and know that he will be successful in any career path he chooses. We do, however, hope that this path leads him back to Readyforce after graduation… “

- Alex Mooradian, Founder, President & COO, Readyforce