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Mentor Comments on Thomas Murray

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Thomas’ overall performance was excellent this summer! He was involved in the development of EcoRock, a sustainable wallboard product. While much of his daily work was on technical evaluation and screening of materials, Thomas was asked to develop the “value proposition” for EcoRock versus conventional products on the market. Thomas compared a competitive assessment of the products, evaluated all their claims and data sheets, and summarized the results. This summary showed the true sales proposition for the products: price – performance, and price – LEED points.

By being involved in both technical development and developing the value proposition, Thomas was able to get perspective on the value of technology…

Thomas worked smart and hard. He’s a self-starter, and put in extra effort without being asked. Thomas had the ability to connect disparate pieces of information and form a solution or an excellent question. He worked well on the technical team he was assigned to and formed his own network (team) to complete individual tasks including the value proposition.

Thomas was a strong contributor to the SMI team! He was able to contribute to lab work, pilot production runs, and assessment of a new product’s positioning in the market. He was well prepared academically and his skills were relevant to a new hire coming out of undergrad. He is well prepared to go on to grad school or start his professional career!

—Dan Boss, VP of Engineering, Serious Materials