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Mentor Comments on Victor Poiesz

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“…Victor’s superior interpersonal skills allowed him to experience business activities that would otherwise be closed to a summer-only employee. He is conscientious and very sensitive to the needs of others, highly respectful of all members of the team, independent of level in the organization. Victor was intensely tuned into organizational aspects of the company – he has a natural understanding of the importance that PEOPLE bring to a company and its products. Victor is a great communicator. His oral communication and his technical presentations were superior. Victor is a fast learner. He does not take information for granted, but strives to understand. He was self-directed for much of the summer and he made tremendous progress under those conditions.

Victor spent much of his summer in the Chemistry and Characterization laboratories at Cambrios. Early on he showed competence to work with hazardous materials and was assigned a project that required careful use of materials and equipment. Victor worked independently in the laboratory and he was self-directed in the majority of his work in the laboratory.

In addition to his laboratory work, Victor participated in weekly group meetings. To incorporate an entrepreneurial focus, Victor was exposed to the issues of an early stage, entrepreneurial company in many ways. He participated directly in some meetings with strategic partners where discussions were held involving the difficulty of overcoming new technology adoption barriers, the customer new product evaluation process, and the nature of small company/big company interactions. Through question and answer sessions with senior executives, Victor was able to probe how the start-up funding process works, how management/board of directors communication occurs, and the life cycle of the technology-based company (find a product goal, see if our technology can address it, identify the value proposition of a product, develop the product, engage with customers, make sales, become profitable).

Finally, Victor was encouraged to look at his technical work through the eyes of the potential customer and understand quantitatively, as a technologist and product developer, why a customer might change what they are doing and adopt the small company solution...”

- Terri Torke, Project Manager, Cambrios