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Mentor Comments on Scott Purdy

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Scott completed three projects while he was with us. He created a demo application that demonstrates how Numenta’s technology can be used to recognize objects in videos. He had to develop this from scratch and go through a fairly rigorous design and QA process. The application is now available for download on our website. He also created a visualization and test tool for exploring new algorithms currently under development. And, he completed an analysis of a market that we were considering entering, evaluated the technology used by various companies and the overall maturity of the market and presented his findings to the executive team.

During the summer I believe Scott received a “crash course” in designing and releasing polished software products. On the non-technical front he was directly involved in a strategic evaluation of a market opportunity. As part of a small company, Scott was also generally exposed to all aspects of our business. The executive team regularly discusses strategic, business, and financial issues with employees. Scott participated in those meetings. Finally, he had numerous opportunities to interact directly with Jeff Hawkins (Cornell Entrepreneur of the Year in 2000) and our CEO Donna Dubinsky (recipient of the Harvard Business School’s highest honor, the Alumni Achievement Award). Hopefully all this was valuable experience for him!

Overall Scott was very productive and did an excellent job. His ability to quickly learn and use diverse new technologies was appreciated as were his creative problem solving skills and teamwork. Scott did everything that was asked of him and was a pleasure to work with. We really enjoyed having him with us for the summer… thank you for sending Scott to California and Numenta!

—Subutai Ahmad, AB ’86, VP of Engineering, Numenta