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Mentor Comments on Adrian Radocea

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“..I was very pleased to have Adrian Radocea working at Zyvex Labs over the summer. The Kessler Fellows Program provided a unique opportunity that we had not previously explored: giving a bright and passionate young engineer the opportunity to contribute to the business process as well as making technical contributions.

He finished the first assignment that I gave him, updating a web site, with such efficiency that I was sure that he would have a good summer. He also did an excellent job helping me create and edit our weighty (75 pages) quarterly report to DARPA on our Atomically Precise Manufacturing (APM) program. I next fed him to a lion, ShaChelle Manning, who asked him to help out with a market assessment of potential products that could be enabled by APM. ShaChelle is demanding and provides copious constructive criticism which Adrian handled with poise and professionalism…I also had Adrian sit in on and take notes during my 9 weekly teleconferences with subcontractors on our APM project.

In the laboratory…Adrian’s technical skills are very good and he works very efficiently. He was given a very demanding task of developing a noble metal single atom tip using an alternative fabrication approach. While he did not completely succeed in delivering a complete process, he made as much or more progress as I would have expected from an intern working full time over the summer. He built a Pd evaporator source and worked with UT Dallas to calibrate its deposition rate and the University of North Texas to inspect the tips that had Pd deposited on them. He also inspected tips in our laboratory with our field ion microscope and provided valuable data to help us understand the tip structure.

He worked extremely well with all of the personnel at Zyvex Labs and we already miss him…I was impressed by Adrian’s specific knowledge of STM tips in particular and nanotechnology in general. I was even more impressed with his passion for atomic and molecular engineering and his potential for leadership…This young man has passion. There is nothing more important...”

- John Randall, VP Zyvex Labs