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Mentor Comments on Mike Ryan

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Mike was very flexible and open to new challenges. Because of the small engineering team, Mike was asked to perform a wide variety of tasks. He took on those changing responsibilities openly and with great enthusiasm. Throughout Mike’s tenure, I was able to give him minimal direction on what needed to be done and I could count on Mike to perform those tasks without requiring me to constantly check on him to see if progress was getting made. Mike also demonstrated that he was willing to get help from me or other team members whenever he reached a roadblock…

Mike also had excellent problem solving skills. He was exposed to a wide variety of tasks and was able to work through most issues independently. He did the research necessary to develop solutions to the programming tasks and the quality of his work was consistently high…

It was a pleasure having Mike work for us this summer! He was able to integrate into the team quickly and the overall quality of his work was very good. All the development work he did is part of the CAI 2.0 product that was released in mid-August. So while Mike is no longer here to help us, part of his work will continue to be around!

Thanks for sending Mike to us – it was a great experience, and we would not have otherwise been able to have him on our team.

—Bart Hanlon, VP of Engineering, V.i. Laboratories, Inc.