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Mentor Comments on Sarah Sprague

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“…I’ve found that the best employees for technology start-up companies are “star athletes” – individuals that are intelligent, creative, focused, pragmatic, strong communicators, and great with people. Sarah is a perfect example of a star athlete that any company would be very fortunate to have on their team.

Sarah came to us with no knowledge of the market we serve, and not a lot of direct experience in the things we asked her to do. That didn’t slow her down for one second. In less than 3 months, Sarah determined and implemented our affiliate marketing program, researched a new product opportunity, and soup-to-nuts defined and created a major new product offering that we will be launching this fall.

Sarah’s scope of work included doing the market research, competitive analysis, product requirements and definition, engineering development, customer feedback and iteration, website landing page, knowledgebase and instructions for users, and beta program. She also developed the recommended draft go-to-market strategy and plan.

She was given high-level goals and directives, and ran with them. She knew when to involve others and when to ask questions, and was outstanding in balancing “enough information” to make very good decisions with moving the projects forward rapidly. She worked extremely well with others, and was an absolute pleasure to manage and have on our team...”

- Bob Cramer, CEO Nimbit, Inc.