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Mentor Comments on Jeff Will

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While at The Water Initiative, Jeff was given a plethora of “roll your sleeves up” tasks that are the nature of an early stage company. He was introduced, under appropriate confidentiality agreements, to the company’s business focus and plan and was also given spot projects on everything from technical issues involving water purification technology to organizing and devising a system for keeping track of the wealth of literature we have amassed.

Jeff was given the long term project of surveying on an in-depth dive existing technologies, businesses and products in the “water sensor” space – that is, technologies that can sense when water is contaminated, safe to drink, what is the nature of the contamination, etc. He was then asked to propose where he would think the company would be best served dedicating its resources in the sensor area and give a presentation to management that was videotaped. Jeff also was able to see the hectic schedules and necessary gear shifting that early stage businesses must employ out of necessity as they mature. Finally, Jeff was invited to participate in selected company committee conference calls.

Jeff has a keen intellect and superior scientific background and research skills. He has an excellent work ethic and is reliable on a daily basis and in meeting deadlines. He has good social skills and can work harmoniously with others.

Jeff showed superior dedication and I would give him an overall A rating!

—Brian T. Foley, Legal Counsel, TWI, Inc.