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Mentor Comments on Adam Woodward

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“…During the summer as part of the Kessler Fellows Program, Adam was integrated into a wide range of typical business activities in many different technology areas of interest to Excellatron LLC. While performing typical research activities, he was exposed to the process involved in the development of new research programs, the process for responding to research solicitations, writing proposals for government funding and project development to achieve goals of contracts already in place.

Further, Adam was involved in marketing research efforts for our JTEC program to understand potential applications and market sizes. Finally, Adam worked closely with many employees to better understand the challenges of working in a small business. We found Adam to be extremely inquisitive and interested in learning! He worked well with others as a team member and had an excellent background which prepared him for our area of technology…”

- William L. Rauch, Principal Scientist, Johnson Research and Development Co., Inc.