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Mentor Comments on Casey Worthington

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We identified an area in our product that we never explored before and had Casey go through the full cycle of idea to prototype so he was exposed to the full cycle of a feature in our company. He also participated in other activities including “CEO all hands on deck update,” meeting with marketing and sales, and was exposed to all aspects of a start-up.

Casey did an excellent job during his internship. The internship wasn’t the regular “fix some bugs while you are here” project. We actually asked Casey to do real life work, face challenges and unknowns and figure out how to make progress and reach the end line in a short amount of time. It was a complicated project. Casey did well. He wasn’t intimidated, thought through the issues clearly and approached the right people at the right time. He got it done – which is great!

Bottom line – Casey got a very good overview of how a start-up operates on a daily basis and specifically got to develop a prototype of an important feature area.

I, and the whole team, enjoyed having Casey here … hopefully our paths will cross again!

—Yoram Talmor, VP of Engineering, Marketcetera