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Mentor Comments on Joey Zwicker

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Joey worked mainly on commercializing our telepresence robot, a new kind of mobile video conferencing system. He took on a wide range of roles: designing mechanical & electrical parts, developing a process to produce a key aesthetic piece of the robot, organizing our production process and inventory, and contributing to design & marketing discussions about the product.

He evangelized our product among his network and gave us valuable feedback on their response. He also took good advantage of our proximity to other startups to learn from and develop connections with them.

Joey was a pleasure to have around during the summer. He impressed us regularly by solving hard, open-ended problems in a way that balanced technical constraints, time-to-market, and consumer preferences. He showed great adaptability and willingness to learn & do whatever was needed to move the project forward.

Over the summer, Joey took good advantage of his time in Silicon Valley to form several connections with other local startups, Y Combinator. And, he introduced us to several useful contacts!

Joey has a natural sense of aesthetic product design, and it’d be worth his while to take industrial design classes to further develop those skills.

Thank you again for sending Joey to us this summer!

—Trevor Blackwell, CEO, Anybots, Inc.