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Duffield Hall Atrium

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Duffield Hall, which opened in 2004 is named for its primary benefactor, David Duffield, a 1962 graduate of the College of Engineering and founder of Workday. The focus of Duffield is interdisciplinary research in nanoscience; the Cornell NanoScale Science and Technology Facility, located in Knight Lab on the second floor, is one of four National Science Foundation research facilities on campus. 

The Duffield atrium is open 24/7, with comfortable alcoves for collaborative work. It also houses Mattin’s Café, which makes Duffield a common spot for students to spend their down-time during the day with friends or to do work. At the far end of the atrium you can find the Cornell Reuleaux collection – these kinematic models were cutting-edge teaching tools for engineers in the 19th century and Cornell has the largest collection in the world.