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Rhodes Hall Machine Shop

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The Emerson Manufacturing Teaching Lab is often used for Mechanical Engineering classes but are open to any member of the campus community who has taken a two-day training class. The teaching lab is used to instruct students on more than just how to handle the technology though; in manufacturing classes students are given budgets that they use to “buy” materials from the lab instructor. This means they model and test their designs before creating their product thus learning skills useful for industry application. A number of project teams also make use of the labs to create parts needed for their autonomous vehicles and racing cars. However, the lab doesn’t only produce course or project work. A student once got trained to use the lab to make the engagement ring he used to propose. She said yes!

Right next door to the lab (not shown in panosphere), is our Rapid Prototyping Lab which contains a 3-D printing area station and on display are the various items that have been printed using this technology. The lab is considered one of the best in the country and is open to use by the Cornell community; research groups and project teams take advantage of this availability since 3-D printing allows the creation of shapes that cannot be manufactured elsewhere. In addition, Cornell has a class where students are invited to come up with a problem to solve, and ultimately build and market their solution.