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Post-Graduate Outcomes

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What Can a Cornell Engineering Degree Do for You?

This is a great question in today’s world, where a rapidly changing employment picture, and the considerable costs associated with a quality education, can seem daunting. With a strong commitment to financially supporting students in need (roughly 47% of Cornell undergraduates receive financial aid), a Cornell education is within reach for a broad cross-section of students. At Cornell Engineering, we understand that a family’s choice to invest in a college education is a serious matter, and would like to share some of the data that we believe puts real power behind our degree and gives our graduates the opportunity  to change the world.

Graduation Rate
86% of students graduate within 4 years

Boasting a four-year graduation rate of 86%, with an additional 10% graduating in four years after transferring to another college within Cornell, the College of Engineering can legitimately claim to fully prepare students to be competitive for the world they will enter upon completing their course of study.

Chart of where students ended up in May 2016

Our most recent alumni continue to have success in securing employment, with 63% of the 2016 graduates who participated in the senior survey (72% of graduating students responded) indicating they obtained employment as full-time engineers within 6 months of leaving Cornell. An additional 31% have gone on to graduate/professional schools from an impressive list of institutions including Stanford, MIT, UC-Berkeley, Princeton, and Cornell! Of these, 4% opted for medical school, with 80% winning acceptance into their top choice school.

Chart with top industry sectors
Salary Statistics for 2016

The average Cornell Engineering graduate from the Class of 2016 secured a starting salary of roughly $79,000 for their first year of employment, with the figure varying across the different engineering fields.