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Past Partnership Highlights

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  • Past Partnership Highlights

ExxonMobil Foundation gives $468K to Cornell

4/13/2010: The ExxonMobil Foundation has donated $467,996.01 to Cornell through the foundation's Educational Matching Gifts Program.

Cornell Chronicle, April 13, 2010


Industry Sponsors CIS Research Showcase

3/3/2010: Google, Yahoo!, Cisco Systems, Lockheed Martin, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs sponsor the 2010 Bits on Our Mind (BOOM) research showcase

Cornell Chronicle, March 5, 2010


Two Cornell Ph.D. Students Receive Intel Fellowships

11/3/2009: Shuang Zhao and Mark Cianchetti awarded 2009 Intel Ph.D. fellowships

Cornell Chronicle, Nov 3, 2009


Cornell Receives $45,700 Generation Innovation Grant from Motorola

6/25/2009: Motorola funds bring minority high school students to engineering college this summer

Cornell Chronicle, June 25, 2009


Cornell Receives Gift of $602K From ExxonMobil Foundation

6/12/2009: The ExxonMobil Foundation has donated $601,743 to Cornell through its 2008 Educational Matching Gifts Program.

Cornell Chronicle, June 12, 2009


Cornell's Highly Integrated Physical Systems (CHIPS) Group hosts technology transfer workshop with Agilent Technologies

2/18/2009: Cornell Highly Integrated Physical Systems (CHIPS) hosted a one-day workshop with visitors from Agilent Technologies to promote on-going research dialog and technology transfer between Cornell micro-electronics faculty and Agilent Technologies.

ECE News and Events


General Motors Shows off Fuel Cell Car at Cornell

9/10/2008: Cornell's Fuel Cell Institute and representatives from General Motors presented a Chevrolet Equinox powered by a hydrogen fuel cell to the public Wednesday on Cornell's campus.

Ithaca Journal, Sept 10, 2008


Alumni, Friends at ExxonMobil donate $592,216 to Cornell

5/22/2008: Cornell received over half a million dollars from the Exxon Mobil Foundation through its Educational Matching Gifts Program.

Cornell Chronicle, May 23, 2008


$25 M of Saudi Money Aids Cornell Nano Work

A $25 Million grant, spread over five years, will enable Cornell University to create a center focused on nanotechnology research with a sustainability aim. The funding will come from the Saudi Arabia-based King Abdullah University of Science and Technology's Global Research Partnership. The award was announced Tuesday along with three others going to other universities.

The Ithaca Journal, April 30 2008


Lockheed Martin Gives $63K to College of Engineering

Continuing longtime support for undergraduate research, workshops, and project teams, Lockheed Martin Corp. representatives visited campus Sept. 19 to present a $63,000 check to College of Engineering Dean Kent Fuchs.

Cornell Chronicle, October 4, 2007


Spansion grant enables tsunami simulator upgrade that could lead to improved early warning system

An improved wave simulator being developed by Professor Phillip Liu will help predict the effects of tsunamis on buildings and may contributed to improved early warning systems.

Cornell Chronicle, April 18, 2007


President of Shell Oil blames public policy for rising gas prices

It's not a shortage of fuel that is pushing the price of gas toward $3 per gallon again in New York, but U.S. public policy, said John Hofmeister, president of Shell Oil, speaking on campus April 11.

News 10 Now, April 12, 2007

Cornell Chronicle, April 17, 2007


Tong Receives Lockheed Martin Grant

Electrical and computer engineering professor Lang Tong has been awarded a $50,000 grant from Lockheed Martin to support this research. He was also recently named to the Jacobs chair in engineering.

Cornell Chronicle, December 12, 2006