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Cornell Engineering

Class Notes


Whitney Wenger '13 ChemE, Merrill Presidential Scholar and N.S.F. Fellow--had her play performed at Cornell's Schwartz Center last weekend.  


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A miniaturized sensor that can measure chemistry on a chip

Cornell researchers have laid the groundwork for a chemical sensor on a chip that could be used in...

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Brito went to Fiji to study mobile genes in human microbiome

Research involving a new Cornell professor proposes that human behavior helps provide selective...

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Scientists propose novel carbon-capture electrochemical cell

Engineering professor Lynden Archer and graduate student Wajdi Al Sadat have devised an...


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Julius Lucks receives 2016 ACS Synthetic Biology Young Investigator Award

The Lucks group focuses on dynamically programming cellular behavior with synthetic RNA circuitry....

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UR names ECE grad first female engineering dean

Wendi Heinzelman '95 (ECE), has been named dean of the University of Rochester's Hajim School of...

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Pender's paper earns second-place

ORIE's Jamol Pender was awarded second place in TST Best Paper competition.