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ECE/EDS Seminar with Brian Calderon, High mobility Boron Nitride devices

Friday, Feb 17, 2017 at 12:00 PM [.ics]
Phillips 233

Title: Making an insulator conduct: High mobility Boron Nitride devices

Speaker: Brian Calderon, Spencer group, Cornell ECE

As a member of the 2D materials family hexagonal boron nitride (hBN) stands out due to its wide bandgap of ~6eV and insulating nature, these aspects have naturally led to the usage of hBN as a dielectric medium in tunneling devices as well as a DUV emitter. Recent trends in hBN research continue to follow applications that make use of its unique properties of wide bandgap and insulation, finding applications in single photon emission, DUV absorption & thermal transport amongst others. Inspite the growing interest in this material, its electrical properties remain largely unstudied. In this talk I will present our recent efforts at implementing monolayer CVD grown hBN as a conducting layer for 2D electronics. Our results show that hBN monolayers can support currents up to magnitudes of mA’s and our calculated mobilities are as high as 73cm2/Vs, the largest mobilities of any BN structure to date. The connection between our growth methods, in which we obtain grains >70um, and our high performing devices will be alluded to. The success in achieving conduction in hBN and possible reasons why this property has not been seen in the past will also be explored.

Brian is a current PhD candidate in Cornell ECE. He obtained his Asoc. Degree in Engineering Science from Bronx Community College, his B.S. in Electrical Eng. from Rensselaer Pol-ytechnic Institute (Summa Cum Laude) and his MEng. In ECE from Cornell. His research has included CVD growth and device fabri-cation/analysis of Boron Nitride as well other 2D materials.

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